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      Grass Fed Bison Meat
 High in Protein, Iron, B6 & B12 Low in Cholesterol & Fat


NEW!   Bison Shanks!  $12.79lb

 Bison Bone-In Shanks are great for the traditional Italian dish osso bucco. The marrow is also coveted as a delicacy and is wonderful on toast points. The Shank is cut from the leg portion of the bison.

Summer Sausage Jalapeno/Cheese $29.99    Sticks are approx 1.5lbs  SS Plain $27.99

Snack Sticks $12.49 pack 

Jumbo Bison Hot Dogs $15.99 a pack

German Made Bison Brats are Back $17.99 pack

Brisket is Back!  3lb-6lb slabs of Deliceous Smoke Ready $13.79Lb

New York Strip Steak  $22.49  (8oz cut)

Skirt Steak $14.79LB

Flank Steak $15.79LB

Rib Eye Steaks $32.79 LB

Tomahawk Steaks $32.79Lb

Bison Tenderloins $4oz

Bison Cube Steak $13.79LB 

Bison Stew Meat $13.79LB

Ground Bison $13.79LB

Chuck Roast $14.79lb

Rolled Rump Roast $16.79lb

Short Rib $15.79lb    Spare Ribs $13.79lb   Baby Back $19.79LB

Bison Tongue $11.79 lb     Bison Heart $13.79lb   Bison Tail $5.79lb

Soup Bones    $6.50lb 


If you want to pay online, email us your                                order, we will email back the total and you can use the Buy Now to pay online.

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