Bison Meat Now Available

.                                       Grass Fed Bison

Our next processing date is in July and we will have more inventory by August

2 lb. Packet Ground Bison $22 Sold Out

1 lb. Patties (1/3 patty) $12.00 Sold Out

1lb. Breakfast Sausage $10.75 (20% pork, sage seasoning added)

Blade Chuck Roast $12.99 per lb. Sold Out

Smoked Blade Chuck $13.99 per lb.

Rump Roast $16.00 per lb.  Sold Out

Brisket $10.99 per lb. (4lbs-6.5lbs average) - SOLD OUT

Ribeye 1” thick cut $19.99 per lb. SOLD OUT

Summer Sausage $47.50 3lb stick SOLD OUT

Summer Sausage with Jalapeno $49.50 3lb stick SOLD OUT

Bison Tongue $6 per lb. SOLD OUT

Heart $4 per lb. SOLD OUT

Short Ribs $11 per lb

Back Ribs $11 per lb. Sold Out

Boneless Stew Meat $11.50 per lb.  Sold Out


Cube Steak $12.99 per lb. SOLD OUT

Sirloin $15.99 per lb.  Sold Out

Sirloin Tip $16.99 per lb.  Sold Out

T-bone $17.99 per lb.

Bones for Bone Broth $3.50 per lb. 

Bison Brats $13.99 per lb. (small % pork added) SOLD OUT