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               Grass Fed Bison Meat
                                    Pricing  and Availability

(NEW)  Bison Snack Sticks $9.95 (12oz)

(NEW) Bison Brats $17.99Lb

(NEW) Jumbo Bison Hot Dogs $15.99Lb

(NEW)  New York Strip Steak  $14.99  0.5lb

(NEW) Bison Cube Steak $13.50LB

Brisket 3lb-5lb $15.99Lb   Great for Reubens this St Patty's Day!

Summer Sausage 3lb Stick $57.50  

Summer Sausage Jalapeno and Cheese 3lb stick $59.50 

Ground Bison $11.49 lb 

Chuck Roast $14.79lb 

Smoked Chuck Roast $15.79 per lb.

Rump Roast $16.49lb (2-4lbs) (Sold Out)

Round Steak $12.49lb 

Sirloin Steak $13.49lb 

Sirloin Tips $14.49lb 

Rib Eye $29.49lb 1.5" thick cut

Short Rib $15.99lb

Baby Back Ribs $19.99lb 

T-Bone Steaks 1" cut $16.99 

Bison Tongue $12.79 lb 

Bison Heart $12.79lb

Brisket $16.49lb (3-5lbs)

Bison Filets $4oz

Bison Tenderloins $4oz

Soup Bones    $4.50lb 

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